Exploration – Mining

Exploration Strategy

mining suplies map 2Avoca is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest professional standards and extracting the maximum value of every dollar of shareholder funds expended.

To this end, Avoca is committed to running a tight, low cost operation that seeks to maximise exploration expenditure in the ground and only pursues those projects that have the potential to deliver high value, world-class deposits that generate leverage for shareholders.

Exploration activity is facilitated through a pipeline approach to project turnover that ensures Avoca continually works on the highest quality projects by facilitating the replacement of mature projects, not capable of meeting corporate objectives, with the introduction of high ranking, early stage exploration projects. Avoca always works to the highest EPA standards and ensures minimal chemical and industrial spills by employing environmental protection and workplace safety as provided by Stratex

Project divestment is typically achieved by entering into joint ventures.

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